Eckhart Tolle – The Mountain and the Valley

Eckhart Tolle Wisdom, Video for Awakening

Tolle says he experienced an awakening spiritual at age 29, after suffering long periods of depression. His essay The Power of Now emphasizes the importance of be aware of the present moment for not lost in thoughts:

If I am not the thoughts Who am I?

You are not your thoughts, are the space from which thoughts arise. What is that space? It is consciousness itself. the the formless consciousness. Everything else in life is shaped. In essence we are that formless consciousness behind the thoughts. But to experience it is necessary experience stillness interior. If I have only one point in day of quiet alert that gives me a taste
than it is, and understand what the unconditioned consciousness, beyond the thought. A person who does not have that time, even for a moment, can not never understand what we are talking about now. You would not understand.

«Do not worry about the result of your actions:
Stay tuned for the action itself.
The fruit will come and when appropriate. «

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