Eckhart Tolle – The Current Economy

Eckhart Tolle – The Current Economy

Many people are currently experiencing some kind of challenge or limitation in your life, as many of the external structures of the world are becoming unstable and some have already collapsed.

You may remember that in A New Earth spoke the collapse of Soviet communism, which no one could have predicted and spoke of the imminent collapse of many of the structures that are based on the ego, which are an outward reflection of an inner state of consciousness is the ego, and these structures-including, of course, economic structures, etc. – are now beginning to crumble and something new will emerge.

How long will the collapse, so I can not say. But everyone can see clearly and even the experts are talking about-systemic, hear this word in the radio-a systemic crisis or something. In other words, the crisis has nothing to do with this or that, on the surface of things, but with the structure of these organizations, just as the problems of the human mind have nothing to do with the content, any it is, but with the structure of the human mind, that should change.

Thus, for many people, the limitation, in one way or another, come to life situation and that, in reality, not what the media want us to believe – these things are horrible. The challenge that many people will be at this time is in fact what will propel them into a new state of consciousness-that is the possibility, that’s the promise. Whenever you face a critical situation, whether personal or collective, there is the opening to a new way of being-the possibility, does not mean that everyone will take advantage of this possibility. Therefore, first of all, we should not believe what the media tell us, that we should be in a state of fear, the only natural response to what is happening is a state of fear. That’s an unconscious response. We need to see that change is absolutely necessary in this world and the dissolution of many of the structures based on ego is absolutely necessary for the survival of the planet and humanity. So what is happening is not terribly bad. What is going to happen.

The whole intelligence behind the phenomena is doing, so it’s a good thing and if challenges come into your lives-which could mean financial constraints, you may need to move them to another site, you may need to demote, can uncertainty that comes into our lives: «Oh, this should not be happening!» «You should know what will happen in the next 20-30 years of my life.» Well, you no longer know. And that’s wonderful, that suddenly there is an openness to uncertainty, so are they able to accept uncertainty and not ask you should know what’s going to happen to us in our lives – accept ignorance, accept uncertainty?


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