Eckhart Tolle – To Think Or Not To Think

Eckhart Tolle – To Think Or Not To Think

We humans are in a transitional period where we have become aware of the need to return to the source, so there are two movements in the universe, one is out, think more and more.

There are still many people who believe that the problems of this world can be solved by thinking about them. Having more meetings sidewalk serious problems in the world and discuss until someday be resolved. Do not have realized that all the problems are there because they have lost touch with the source from which everything comes. If we follow the same path we will never solve the problems but will create more.

So now we need to balance back to the source and go out into the world. That does not mean we should not think or do or create, but it does not get lost in creating and losing ourselves in our mind. But let us lose ourselves in our mind connected with the source timeless, formless, of all creation: space and not thinking. When connected with that, then we can create, not us as individuals if we as a mass movement of conscience.

Consciousness wants us to be co-creators of the universe of forms. We can be so only if we are connected. We need a conscious connection to the source. So that is the destination, is the purpose of your life. It is why we are here and if it sounds complicated to your mind is only your mind, it’s not complicated at all, is really very simple.


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