7 Days Detox Retreat in Casa Frida Puerto Vallarta / Yoga, Meditation, Healthy Food, Therapies

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Inspired by Apapachos Holistic Center, this Detox Retreat in Casa Frida goes beyond the physical and teaches the centuries-old healing method of Ayurveda to balance the mind, body and spirit. With daily therapeutic treatments, meditation, yoga, expert-led workshops, and a guided detox, you’ll learn a life-changing, well-rounded approach to your well-being that will last long after the retreat is over.


  • Seeking a Deeper Meaning in Life?

Immerse yourself in a period of reflection and self-discovery to uncover your desires and purpose.

  • In need of a mind-body reset?

Discover an approach to wellness tailored to your unique constitution that gives your mind and body what it needs to thrive

  • Experiencing a life transformation?

Gain tools to move through periods of unease with purpose and clarity.

  • In Search of Spiritual Enlightenment?

Experience profound shifts as you reconnect to the divine through daily meditation and yoga practices.

  • Ready to refill your cup?

Step away from that to-do list to nourish and replenish yourself in a lasting way.

  • Are you ready to live a healthier, happier life?

Uncover secrets to thriving wellbeing and awaken the eternal source of joy within.

What’s in the Package

Tranquil Lodgings
A «playground of well-being» nestled at 15min from Puerto Vallarta Downtown, Casa Frida is devoted entirely to whole health. The place offers a vast array of classes to supplement your experience, including Laughing Yoga, Hatha yoga, sound healing, cycle classes, outdoor adventure, and more. During your 7 days, you can even enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda provided by our certified teachers of this ancient tradition.

Dayly therapies according to your needs

The first thing we will do upon your arrival is meet with our lead therapist for an interview and, from there, you will be assigned a diet and therapies according to your specific needs.

Personalized Ayurvedic Lifestyle Guidance Session

The Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation spans 50 minutes and involves a session with a Certified Ayurvedic specialist. This consultation entails a review of your dosha and any existing imbalances, facilitating personalized Ayurvedic lifestyle suggestions. Your dosha profile and unique requirements will be communicated to the spa, ensuring that your treatments are customized to suit your individual needs.

Workshops on Wellness Guided by Experts

Discover the transformative potential of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old holistic healing system. Explore methods to mitigate inflammation, a significant contributor to chronic illnesses. Learn techniques to restore gut health and harmonize the nervous system for comprehensive well-being. Engage in intimate educational sessions and workshops led by seasoned educators, offering insights into a life-altering, holistic approach to wellness.

Everyday Practice: Meditation and Yoga Sessions

Explore the potency of Primordial Sound Meditation, our distinctive practice rooted in individualized mantras aimed at nurturing serenity, empathy, and lucidity.

Engage in mindful movement during daily yoga sessions that blend ancient wisdom with contemporary wellness approaches, fostering inner tranquility, enhanced flexibility, and amplified strength.

A Soothing Detox Experience

Throughout the retreat, our team of specialists will lead you through a gradual detoxification journey, effectively reducing toxic accumulation. This gentle cleansing process aims to rejuvenate you, leaving you with renewed energy and a restored sense of vitality.

Culinary Offerings Crafted by Certified Nutrition Experts

Rejuvenate body with fresh, locally-sourced vegan cuisine meticulously curated by our Executive Chef David Alejandro Pérez. These flavorful and wholesome dishes are thoughtfully crafted based on Ayurvedic principles to complement the multi-step detox journey, ensuring you depart feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Refresh and Rejuvenate in our Detox Retreat

Photo Gallery

Meet our Staff

Juanita Delgado Quintana

Holistic Therapist, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Herbalist.

Elias Menassé

Holistic Therapist (magnets, acupuncture, cupping) and Herbalist

Mariana Quetzal

Angel Oracle Readings, Thetahealing and Numerology

Ernesto Guerra

Laughing Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Rocio Solana Red Star

Emotional Release Practitioner, Pranayama-Rebirth Facilitator, Ancestral Ceremonial Tradition Grandmother Keeper 

David Alejandro Pérez

Holistic therapist: Massage, Return Aquatic Therapy, meditation and Sound Healing

Meli Charito

Cacao Singer, Artisan Sound Therapist & Osho Active Meditation Facilitator

Adrián Souberbielle

Mayan Massage and Various Ancient Mexican Healing Therapies

Testimonials from Our Community

Hello, my name is Alejandrina Sainz and I participated with my sister, my husband and two of my children in a Detox Retreat and it was a super magical and beautiful experience. We did several excercises where we opened our hearts, appreciate and love each other in a way that we will never forget.

We also met incredible people and learned a lot from their sharings. I think everyone should take this workshop because it takes you out of the matrix and returns you to the innocence and purity of a child.

Today my family and I feel closer and more appreciated than ever. Thank you so much for your beautiful service 🙏🏼 see you at the next retreat!! ❤️


Example Itinerary

NOTA: El siguiente programa de actividades lo saque de la página que les pasé por el grupo de whatsapp pero por supuesto que nosotros haríamos el nuestro acorde a los servicios que podemos ofrecer.

Envision a day solely dedicated to nurturing your body, mind, and soul. Select from a range of self-care offerings to enhance your daily sessions. Your primary focus: prioritizing your well-being. Here’s a glimpse of what your experience with us might entail:

Note: Activities marked with (*) are part of the group schedule. Everything else represents personalized programming examples.

Day 1:

4pm – 5:30pm *Check In

5:45pm – 6:30pm *Session: Meditation Review

6:30pm – 7pm *Guided Group Meditation

7pm – 8pm *Dinner

8pm – 9pm *Candle Light Yoga

Day 2:

6:45am- 7:15am *Group meditation

7:15am- 8am *Breakfast

8am- 8:45am *Orientation

8:45am- 10am *Session: Intro to Ayurveda

10:15am- 11:15am Journaling

12pm- 1pm Lunch

1pm- 2pm Afternoon walk and time with nature

1:30pm- 2:30pm Ayurvedic massage treatment

2:30pm- 5pm Lounge at the pool

5:30pm- 6:15pm *Yoga

6:15pm- 7:45pm *Guided group meditation

6:45pm- 8pm *Dinner

8pm- 9pm Connect with other attendees

Day 3:

6:45am- 7:30am *Yoga

7:30am- 8am *Guided group meditation

8:15am- 9am *Breakfast

9am- 10am *Session: Intro to Bodywork

10:15am- 11:15am Ayurvedic SPA treatment

11:15am- 12pm Relax at the SPA

12:15pm- 1:15pm Ayurvedic health consultation with physician

1:15pm- 2pm Lunch

3pm- 4pm Total body barre

4pm- 5pm Floating guided relaxation

5:30pm- 6:30pm *Session: Ayurvedic Nutrition

6:30pm- 7pm *Meditation

7pm- 8pm *Dinner

8pm- 9pm *Candle Light Yoga

Day 4:

6:45am- 7:30am *Yoga

7:30am- 8am *Guided group meditation

8:15am- 9am *Breakfast

9am- 10am *Session: Emotions

10:15am- 10:45am Self-led labyrinth walk

12pm- 1pm Water Yoga

1pm- 2pm Lunch

2pm- 3:30pm Go on a local hike

4pm- 5pm Ayurvedic massage treatment

5:30pm- 6:15pm *Yoga

6:15pm- 7:45pm *Guided group meditation

6:45pm- 8pm *Dinner

Day 5:

6:45am- 7:30am *Yoga

7:30am- 8am *Guided group meditation

8:15am- 9am *Breakfast

9am- 11am Inner Pharmacy and Integration

11am Check-out

Day 6 & 7:

Si ustedes lo consideran, mi compañera de meditación (Sati Ishaya) y su servidor (Ananda Ishaya) podríamos dar en el 6to y 7mo día el *Curso de la Primera Esfera que consiste en un taller muy completo de meditación de 15 horas en el que enseñamos a observar los pensamientos y estar 100% alertas.


Want an upgrade?

Aquí, al igual y como lo hacen en la página que les pasé por whats, podríamos poner un PAQUETE VIP mas caro que incluya terapias/cursos/tratamientos EXTRAS que NO estuvieran dentro del PAQUETE BASICO – DA CLICK EN LA PÁGINA QUE LES PASÉ POR WHATSAPP PARA QUE VEAN COMO LO MANEJAS ELLOS

Available Dates

December 10 – December 17, 2023

BASIC: $3,500usd
VIP: $4,100usd

January 5 – January 12, 2024

BASIC: $3,500usd
VIP: $4,100usd

NOTA: Estos precios son LA MITAD de lo que cobran ellos por un retiro de 5 días para que se den una idea de lo que cobran ellos – DA CLICK AQUI EN LA PAGINA QUE LES PASÉ POR WHATSAPP PARA VER LOS PRECIOS QUE DAN ELLOS

Quedo a la espera de su retroalimentación 🙂

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