Detox Retreat in El Santuario de la Yerbabuena, Jalisco / Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Treatments


Inspired by Apapachos Holistic Center, this Detox Retreat in el Santuario de la Yerbabuena goes beyond the physical and teaches the centuries-old healing method of Ayurveda to balance the mind, body and spirit. With daily therapeutic treatments, meditation, yoga, expert-led workshops, and a guided detox, you’ll learn a life-changing, well-rounded approach to your well-being that will last long after the retreat is over.


  • Searching for something greater in life?

Immerse yourself in a period of reflection and self-discovery to uncover your desires and purpose.


  • In need of a mind-body reset?

Discover an approach to wellness tailored to your unique constitution that gives your mind and body what it needs to thrive


  • Experiencing a life transition?

Gain tools to move through periods of unease with purpose and clarity.


  • Looking for a spiritual awakening?

Experience profound shifts as you reconnect to the divine through daily meditation and yoga practices.


  • Ready to refill your cup?

Step away from that to-do list to nourish and replenish yourself in a lasting way.


  • Wanting to live a healthier, happier life?

Uncover secrets to thriving wellbeing and awaken the eternal source of joy within.

What’s included

Serene accommodations

A «playground of well-being» nestled at 2 hours from Puerto Vallarta, El Santuario de la Yerbabuena is devoted entirely to whole health. The place offers a vast array of classes to supplement your experience, including Laughing Yoga, Hatha yoga, sound healing, cycle classes, outdoor adventure, and more. During your 7 days, you can even enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda provided by our Certified Teachers of this 


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